TODAY'S 451 TOP 25
It's been another big day here in St. Joe. Last night about 10:30 a heavy squall blew through dumping all kinds of rain on us which made for a muddy morning. But everyone took it in stride and a warm day has pretty well dried everything up clearing the way for a great, dry evening for the Mic-O-Say tapping ceremony. A healthy amount of anticipation hangs in the air as the boys wonder if tonight is their night to get tapped. The day was filled with lots of other fun too. The first year scouts got the chance to take their shots at the Archery range and a number of them were a really good shot right out of the gate. Like other days, there was plenty of time to relax, have a Slushie or two and play a little cards. We're all having fun. Enjoy our favorite 25 moments from the last 24 hours.


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