HILL OF THE DAY – Chief White Sands Trail to the Dining Hall
Each day this week, we're giving you a closer look at the five most challenging hills in camp. Today, we look at #4 - the Chief White Sands Trail that leads up to the back of the Dining Hall.

This hill is the very definition of “steady climb.” Around 1/8 of a mile in length, Chief White Sands starts low in the woods and winds its way up, up, up through a canopy of trees gaining in elevation with each step. About 40 yards from the dining hall you round a bend in the trail and the elevation heads straight up toward a burst of sunlight at the end of the trail. If you look close enough along the way, there are tons of fun critters to see from frogs and birds, to rabbits and spiders. All in all, it’s a nice walk and 95% in the shade. 


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