All week, we've been introducing you to some of the young men staffing at Camp Geiger this summer but it only seemed appropriate to finish the week with the outstanding gentleman who leads the team as Geiger Camp Director. For the past 12 years, Tony Sasso has been the C.O.P.E. Director here at Geiger taking more than 1,000 boys through the high adventure of climbing, rappelling, zip lining and conquering the fears that come with walking across a steel cable 70 feet in the air. This year, Tony took the role of Camp Director and brings to that job, the same passionate, caring dedication that makes him one of the first people the kids want to see when they come back to Geiger.

Name:  Tony Sasso
Tribal Name:  Talons Bare White Eagle
Hometown:  Central Falls, Rhode Island
School:  Rhode Island College
Studying: Education, 7-12
Yrs. at Camp Geiger:  13 as a director, plus 10 years at Camp Bartle

What's your favorite part of camp? The C.O.P.E. Course and climbing. That's my first love and will always be my favorite thing about camp.

What makes you want to be on staff at Camp Geiger? I really believe everyone should give back to the community and this is my way of affecting the lives of many young men in a positive way.

What keeps you coming back summer after summer?  I've made some of the best friendships of my life here. I love coming back every summer to spend time with them and see their smiling faces again.

What's the best part of working with the boys?  To see them do something for the first time - tie a knot, shoot a gun, swim. Seeing the joy in their faces when they do something for the first time is all the pay you need.


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