THE HOTTEST SPOT IN CAMP - The Flaming Crow Trading Post
While there could be some debate depending on who you ask, the truth is the hottest spot in camp is the Flaming Crow Trading Post - the figurative, as well as, physical heart of Camp Geiger.

Covered patios outside the trading post protect a dozen picnic tables from the sun and the rain...

but the true charm of the trading post is inside where scouts can pick up any number of souvenirs, the Mic-O-Say tribesmen can find anything they need to outfit their regalia and new scouts can pick up anything they may have forgotten to pack - provided it's still in stock. For instance, the Flaming Crow manager reported they have sold out of Mosquito netting. Lesson learned.

Besides the obvious creature comforts of air conditioning, the Flaming Crow also provides Camp Geiger's legendary, addictive indulgence known simply as "The Slushie."

Nothing beats 90+ degree heat like a brain freeze and slushies are guaranteed to deliver just that if consumed too quickly. Equally sought after are the Camp Geiger scout satchel bags and a wide variety of pocket knives.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, rain gear and all the merit badge activity supplies your scout needs can be found at the Trading Post. Generally, if a Scout is missing from his scheduled activity, you can find him at the Flaming Crow. Hey, the slushies are REALLY hard to resist.


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