One of the great consistencies of Camp Geiger is the quality of the young men they find to staff every summer. Elliott Covington, Brad Lueking and now Austin Taylor from our own troop have staffed here, but there are lots of truly outstanding young men from all over the country who come here to staff. They don't do it for the money. There are a hundred jobs they could choose that would pay them more. They are here for the love of Scouting, camping and Geiger.

We thought it would be fun for you to get to meet some of these guys so each day this week, we're going to introduce you to one of them.

Name:  Austin Kerns
Tribal Name:  Smallest Swift Roaring Silver Bird
Hometown:  Savannah, Missouri
School:  Starting at Truman St. University in Kirksville, Missouri this Fall
Studying: History and German
Scout Rank:  Eagle
Yrs. at Camp Geiger:  8 (4 as a camper, 4 as a counselor)

What's your favorite part of camp? All the interaction between the staff and the campers and sharing the mutual experience of Camp Geiger.

What makes you want to be a counselor at Camp Geiger? I first wanted to be a counselor because my brother was a counselor here. Over the years, I made some great friends as campers and now we're all working on staff together. Geiger really is like a big family. We spend 8 weeks working hard, side by side and we really have a great camaraderie.

What keeps you coming back summer after summer?  I really want to come back to spend time with all the buddies I've made. We're from all over the Midwest so we don't really see each other much during the year, but we can reconnect here. I also love that every summer there are new boys coming to Geiger for the first time with a great enthusiasm for Scouting. I really enjoy sharing that experience and giving back some of what I've learned to help them along the way.

What's the best part of working with the boys?  Their enthusiasm. It's really fun to work with them and encourage them to have fun. For a bunch of them, a light just comes on at camp and for the first time, they really get the fun and the spirit of camping. It's really great to see that happen here.


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