Last night after dinner, a number of our Scouts participated in a new Geiger program called "Geiger 60" where, for an hour, scouts competed in contests of sit ups, chin ups, push ups, a 40-yard-dash and an accuracy throw. Setting aside the wisdom of scheduling those kinds of aerobic activities 30 minutes after the kids ate a big Burrito dinner, as usual, 451 brought the house and represented very well. 

Matt got things rolling putting up a respectable 12 chin ups to set the tone early, but ultimately it would take more than 30 to win. 

Robbie is our resident speedster and he blazed through the 40 on record page, but ultimately lost the title by half a second. 

At the push up bar, no one had put up more than 24 push ups in the allotted two minutes until Ellis stepped up and threw down 43 push ups.

 He was the clubhouse leader for about 20 minutes until Robbie took a turn and pumped out 50. 

Alas, deju vu reared its ugly head when a young man named Sheldon from a troop in Western Missouri took his turn and did 64 push ups in two minutes giving Robbie his second second of the night. Turns out Sheldon was also the scout who set the record in the chin up event. 

Our greatest participation came in the sit up event where more than a dozen boys from 451 crunched out as many sit ups as they could in two minutes. The boys did an amazing job, went hard from start to finish and never gave up.  

The standing record was somewhere in the 60s when Tyler stepped up and absolutely blew the record away throwing down 98 sit ups in two minutes! I'm telling you, he was a machine doing a sit up a second for most of his run. He killed it and held the record... until... the last kid... competed. The last boy to compete knocked out 102 sit ups just nipping Tyler at the wire. Still, out of the 50+ kids who competed, second place wasn't bad. 

All in all it was a fun evening for everybody! Great job guys!


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