The buses arrived safely around 10:30 this morning and you'll be pleased to know the bus drivers said the boys were delightful and actually fairly quiet during the trip. I asked which boys he was referring to, but he assured me these were the same kids that boarded in Dallas last night.

By now, the trunks have all been moved, tents have been set up and camp is looking great.

Everyone seems really excited to be here and slowly but surely we're getting acclimated to camp. The 451 boys are everywhere and even the first year boys are finding their way around without any problem. Even with the long trip, the boys are full of energy. By contrast, the Dads are all regretting the many cheeseburgers we should have said NO to over the past 12 months.

For those new to Camp Geiger, it's set in a huge basin with a big valley area in the middle. In general, to get anywhere, you have to criss cross your way from one side of camp to the other which requires walking uphill A LOT! This year, primarily due to our size, we have been placed in the Kickapoo campsite which is great if you're going to the pool. But when it's time to eat, we are the farthest campsite from the dining hall - about a 1 mile walk. Which means we'll be walking 6 miles a day just to eat. More about the hills later!

All in all, the weather is beautiful but hot and really humid - especially by Texas standards. The boys are holding up well but will be happy to hit their bunks tonight. Kickapoo is built on five levels and is fairly elevated which provides a nice breeze at night, but even with that, 5:30 will come early.

We will post as often as we can during the week as the Wi-Fi connection here allows. Watch for lots of great pics and know the boys are having the time of their lives!


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