HILL OF THE DAY - The hill leading up to The Flaming Crow
Each day this week, we're giving you a closer look at the five most challenging hills in camp. Today, we look at #3 - the hill that leads from the dining hall side of camp to The Flaming Crow Trading Post.

If we were grading on frequency, this hill would easily rank as number one! Pretty much no matter what your daily schedule looks like, you're heading up and down this hill at least 6-8 times a day. After a nice quarter mile walk down a shady trail, you reach a curve that starts the long climb to the Trading Post. At this point, your only saving Grace is that you can't actually see the hill. But once you round the curve, you've got a clear site line all the way to the top. And thus starts a steady trudge up an extremely steep incline - through gravel - that's guaranteed to get your heart pumping. It doesn't help that the Trading Post is at the top because once you've made your way to the top (and thanked God for giving you the strength to get there), the only rational thought left in your head is, "Boy a Slushie would be great about now." I think it's all part of Geiger's evil Slushie marketing strategy. But hey, who cares about half a dozen Slushies a day? By Saturday our calves will look fantastic!


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