Camp Geiger July 6th 3:45pm

Camp Geiger isn't only a fun place for scouts to go, it's actually quite beautiful too. There are so many parts of the camp, it'll take you a few seasons to really see them all. The above picture is from a road that leads to the new shooting ranges, currently under construction, which leads us to...

A Scout is...Courteous

There are always subtle and some not so subtle ways the folks here let us know that they know we're from Texas. I guess we contribute a bit to the good natured ribbing by showing our Texas pride. We put up a Texas flag at camp, have them on our tabled in the dining hall, and when we win the contest for sharpest dressed unit for dinner we usually raise the Texas flag up outside the dining hall. The people in the Pony Express Council have extended every bit of graciousness and courtesy to us, and they have every time we've been here. One small example of that courtesy is allowing us to hang out at the Headquarters and blog. The staff also makes sure we have whatever we need. In return, we usually do a service project for them.

This year we're working on platforms for the scouts to shoot from on the shooting range. When this is completed, scouts will have a nice vantage point to shoot clay targets from.

Between building the tapping fire and putting up these shooting stands, it's easy to say we're doing our best to return the courtesy extended to us.

...And now for something completely different.

Lunch - BBQ'd rib sandwiches, tater tots, and fruit salad

Weather - This afternooon was partly cloudy and humid with a high of 83.


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