Camp Geiger July 9th 1:15

The nature here in the bluffs of the Missouri River is amazing. The deer footprint above is evidence of the abundance of it around here. The men who are doing the service project by the new shotgun range have seen several turkey, and today at the swimming pool, I was standing there minding my own business, when out of the woods popped this...

There are a lot of tired bodies around camp today. Naps seem to be in more than a few people's future. The candidates from last night are doing their daily merit badges as well as working on a service project. The candidates are now called Foxmen, their first status in the tribe of Mic-O-Say. They are not allowed to speak with anyone today, unless of course they are working on a merit badge or a project and need to communicate. Our Foxmen have been treated pretty well by the rest of the boys in the troop as far as they're not trying to make them talk.

We spent a lot of time showing you the tapping fire we built. The fire was lit about 8:30 last night and as of 1:15 this afternoon, it was still burning.

Now that's a fire.

And now, this will be the last video from camp, as we are coming home tomorrow, and tonight will be another late night. I will try to post one more time before the day is out. It is a perfect day today though, at Camp Geiger.

Lunch - Chicken tenders, pasta salad, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Weather - Mostly sunny and 82


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