Camp Geiger, July 6th 8:12 am

"It's a beautiful mornin', I think I'll go outside for a while and just smile..." - The Rascals

Although it was humid as we woke up about 6, there was no rain and we were welcomed by a beautiful sunrise through intermittent clouds. The way the mornings start off here at the Arapaho campsite at Camp Geiger is pretty simple. At around 6:15, Mr. Perry walks around waking up the slacker adults who haven't woken up yet, while the other adults wake up the slacker scouts that still need to get up. Everyone gets their class B uniforms on (scout shorts, red tshirts, scout socks) practices their usual morning routines. For the boys it's not brushing their teeth, for the adults it's telling the kids to brush their teeth. The med staff will chase the kids who need their daily medicine to make sure they're set for the day, and then we meet at our camp flagpole for the pledge.

After the flag ceremony has ended, the waiter staff for that day gathers and heads to the dining hall to prepare the tables for breakfast. Our troop has 14 tables, almost an entire quadrant of the dining hall, and each of those tables has a waiter. They get the plates, cups and food for the table, and are responsible for getting more drinks and seconds on the meal when it is offered.

A Scout is...CLEAN

After the flag ceremony and before the boys leave camp, they have to make sure their tents are absolutely clean and all their gear is stowed in the proper places. There is a camp inspection every morning and we are graded by a committee comprised of other scout troops that are here for the session. Yesterday we tied for first. We could have had first outright, save for one tent, of whom the guilty party shall remain nameless. Our campmaster Mr. Koonce, and some of the other adults have devised an incentive plan to make sure the boys have done their best job possible.

These tokens will go to the scouts that have the cleanest tents as voted by adult staff members assigned to that judging duty. These tokens are no ordinary tokens either. They are completely redeemable for one slushie at the Trading post. You may have heard all those commercials on the radio and TV trying to get you to buy gold, but I can assure you, at Camp Geiger, there is no greater commodity than the slushie! I'll have more on this amazing frozen concoction later today.
For a report on how things are going at camp so far, here's our Senior Patrol Leader, Joseph Martin:

And here's a couple more greetings to back home:

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs with Cheese mixed in, hash brown potatoes, and your choice of yogurt, cold cereal, and fruit.

Weather - Partly cloudy, 72 degrees, High of 86 today, 50 percent chance of rain.


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