Camp Geiger July 8th 8:30am

"Tonight's the night..." - Rod Stewart

As we awaken to a misty morning on the bluffs of the mighty Missouri River, the air is thick not only with moisture, but with anticipation for tonight's tapping ceremony. Several of the boys have actually said the nerves are starting to take over as they contemplate being tapped out to join the Mic-O-Say tribe. A light rain fell all night long, leaving the camp with more mud, but as we left the dining hall, a cool dry breeze greeted us. The feeling was wonderful. The camp is also still buzzing about last night's incredible council fire and fireworks show. All of our boys who are currently in Mic-O-Say work hard all year long on their dance, and on their regalia, I thought I'd include some pictures of how their hard work has paid off.

Some tribe members are very serious and intimidating...

...others, not so much.
A Scout is...Kind
A great moment yesterday at camp that lived up to one of the tenets of the Scout Law. One boy took a tumble and bent a finger back further than it should go, causing a strain or sprain with some swelling. The scout came over to the adults and asked for some tape for a splint. Amazingly, there was no tape in the first aid kit, but along came Ellis Covington to the rescue. He said, "I've got some in my tent. Come with me, I'll fix it," and off they went. One splint in hand, one act of kindness administered.

...and now for something completely different.
Every in the meal in the dining hall someone winds up with Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull is a small dowel rod that is planted on an unsuspecting individual while they are sitting and eating. At the end of the meal, Thomas, the program director starts the chant, "Who has Sitting Bull?" Everyone checks to see if they have it. If they do, they get to go to the front of the dining hall and draw from a hat. Some of the things that the possessor of Sitting Bull can win are really great, like ice cream for your table, some are a fun, like a race around the dining hall, some are odd, like getting to spit shine camp staff member Jordan Elo's head, and some are not fun at all, like getting to wash the camp truck (no one has won that so far, although the staff always yells for that one.)
Now, here's a few kids with some messages back home:

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and sausage patties, cold cereal, yogurt, fresh fruit.
Weather - Cloudy and 72 degrees.


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