Camp Geiger July 7th 9:45pm

Yes, this is how our night ended. I know, you wish you were here. I'll get into more detail in a minute.

Sorry for the late post, but a busy day and I confess, I took some time to sit around and tell stories with the rest of the dads. No video today, but I promise a bunch tomorrow. Today the boys continued their hard work on their merit badges.

Like Archery...


Leather work...
And Trading Post. Although Trading Post is not an official merit badge, the boys have become very good at it.

Tonight was family night at Camp Geiger. Most of the troops here have families that live close by and can come visit. Our troop, as you know, is a little further away, so we mainly bring most of the dads, and sometimes some moms too, for the whole week. On family night, the routine of the dining hall changes and the bring food in from town to feed whoever is in camp. I'll post the usual dinner report below. Another treat tonight is the big fire in the council ring. This is an amazing show. It's also the first real appearance of the tribe of Mic-O-Say.

Our troop left for the council fire looking very much like the Spirit of '76. All the troops line up to go up the path into the council ring. Along the way we are flanked by members of the tribe.

We all come in and walk around the fire to our seats. Then the show begins. The camp staff performs many skits as well as the troops. Our troop performed "the car."

Scoutmaster Perry is the driver of the car and the boys are the parts of the car...the tires, the door, the spare tire...and they get an unsuspecting camp staff member to be the engine. And the whole skit leads to..."kill the engine!" where the boys get up and do their best to shut the engine down.

Later we get the first real introduction of the tribe of Mic-O-Say. They perform a narrated play backed by the tom tom beaters and all the members of the tribe from the troops dance during this drama. The outfits are amazing and the dance and story are intensely entertaining.

After the Mic-O-Say dance, there is a very moving tribute to the United States, the Boy Scouts of America, and to Camp Geiger. That tribute alone should inspire these boys to stay in scouting and to want to belong to the tribe.

And this year for a special treat, since we had rain on the 4th of July, we closed the night with a fireworks spectacular!

Okay, a late and a little long, I promise video tomorrow and to have better posts during the day.

Dinner - Flatbreads from Fleishman's, two choices, Italian three meat, or Buffalo chicken.

Weather - Humid and 82. Possible rain overnight.


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