Camp Geiger July 7th 1:30pm

Just before lunch, a mysterious sign showed up on our gate. We don't know how it got there or who put it up, but let it be known that if the men in this troop were for sale, it would be for a very high price. Pranks do happen around camp. Last year someone "borrowed" our Texas flag, this year it's the For Sale sign , and, oh, a there are a few things we pull on ourselves.

Like I said a couple of days ago, you can't fall asleep around these people.

Tapping Fire update

Here's how the tapping fire is coming along. If you're wondering exactly what the tapping fire is, I'll start by saying it's no ordinary campfire. This is a 16 foot tall fire that is lit the night of the tapping ceremony. That is the ceremony where certain kids who have earned their keep in camping and scouting will get "tapped" into the tribe. Basically they have been deemed worthy enough to join by the Mic-O-Say council. Mic-O-Say is a very traditional tribe, and has been around since 1935. It is an excellent program for anyone to be a part of.

The ceremony is tomorrow night, when the boys walk many of the trails around camp and stop at certain fires along the way to hear from the tribal elders about the journey they are taking. When they complete the trail, they come through a welcoming comittee of current tribesman and circle around the fire you see above. After words from the chief and the medicine man, the tapper comes down, and taps the worthy scout, who is taken by a runner up a hill, and then they begin their path to Mic-O-Say. The discussions have already begun among the boys. "Do you think I'll get tapped?" "I think you'll get tapped." "Boy, I hope I get tapped." etc.

Camp Geiger Feature of the Day - The Slushie

What is a Slushie? A dollar of deliciousness, four flavors of fun! I know to you it looks like a simple Icee or Slurpee, but no! At Camp Geiger, they are more valued than gold! To get the kids motivated to make sure they get their things done, all you have to do is mention a slushie and you'll see a kid move faster than you ever have before. The flavors change from year to year, and this year's offerings are blue raspberry, orange mango, kiwi, and cherry.

...and now for something completely different.

James Koonce successfully completed his mile swim again this year! Congratulations James!

Best line heard from a scout.."I never do what I'm supposed to do with magnesium."

Lunch - Meatloaf, cinnamon apples, and baked beans.

Weather - mostly cloudy, humid and 83 degrees.


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