Camp Geiger July 8th 5:30pm

"Tonight's gonna be a good, good night." - Black Eyed Peas

The air is full of excitement. I know it's a cliche, but you can really feel the electricity. Tonight's tapping ceremony? Well , yeah, but...It's time to crown King PeeWee! Last year our own Leon Jacob was the winner, and made his proclomation. This year he's looking to repeat, and he thinks he's got a great shot.

We'll let you know later how it turns out.

In all seriousness, there is an electric feeling in the air. All the kids, especially those who are in their third year coming here are really starting to feel nervous. It is truly an honor to become a part of the Mic-O-Say organization. It is a program that really gives young people confidence and teaches leadership, while helping to maintain the excitement of scouting that they had when they were much younger. The camp truly transforms tonight. It really does go from a scout feeling to a tribe feeling, and it will be that way for the rest of camp.

The finishing touches are being put on as we speak for everyone who will be a part of tonight's ceremony. There is a lot of pride and care that is put into every aspect of the ceremony, from regalia, to dance, to the fire.

As tonight's ceremony may go past midnight, I'll have to give you full details tomorrow.


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